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Magazine | Editors View

Crossing Paths

Several months ago, at a packed auditorium in lower Manhattan, Pema Chödrön, one of the West’s most revered teachers, spoke frankly before a rapt audience about the challenges of dharma practice. She acknowledged that there had…

By James Shaheen

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Winter 2004

Race Does MatterI read with interest Tracy Cochran’s recent interview with Vipassana teacher Gina Sharpe: “Does Race Matter in the Meditation Hall?” [Fall 2004]. The questions Ms. Cochran poses are useful in that they address the…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Winter 2004

Andrew Schelling (“Rucksack Poetry,”) tells us: “As a poet who is continually indebted to Asia, I’ve been a longtime watcher and writer of haiku. Surely the most recognizable form of poetry on our continent, haiku also…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Parting Words

Loads On The Road

Stu’s stubby head tough old yellow dump truckparked by his place            “For Sale”he’s fine, but times and people change. Those loads of river-run and crushed blue mime rockin our roadbed            Stu and…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Insights

Buddha Buzz Winter 2004

Hi-Tech MantraBuddhism may be 2,500 years old, but in some ways it’s downright futuristic. In New Zealand, the Dorje Chang Institute has miniaturized a mantra written by the Dalai Lama and copied it onto microfilm 18…

By Jeff Wilson

MeditationMagazine | Insights

The Space Between

Performing a “Wada test” (in which the activities of one hemisphere of a patient’s brain are suspended by a drug so the abilities of the other hemisphere can be tested in isolation), neuropsychologist Paul Broks provides…

By Paul Brooks