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Magazine | Editors View

Crossing Paths

Several months ago, at a packed auditorium in lower Manhattan, Pema Chödrön, one of the West’s most revered teachers, spoke frankly before a rapt audience about the challenges of dharma practice. She acknowledged that there had been periods of deep loneliness and self-doubt, but added that practice had also brought with it an ever deepening […]

By James Shaheen

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Winter 2004

Race Does MatterI read with interest Tracy Cochran’s recent interview with Vipassana teacher Gina Sharpe: “Does Race Matter in the Meditation Hall?” [Fall 2004]. The questions Ms. Cochran poses are useful in that they address the fundamental Buddhist tenet of nonseparateness. They are, very likely, questions that many Caucasian people have. Yet the title of […]

By Tricycle

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Winter 2004

Andrew Schelling (“Rucksack Poetry,”) tells us: “As a poet who is continually indebted to Asia, I’ve been a longtime watcher and writer of haiku. Surely the most recognizable form of poetry on our continent, haiku also seems the most Zen of art forms. Is it a form of poetry or a state of mind? I […]

By Tricycle

Magazine | Parting Words

Loads On The Road

Stu’s stubby head tough old yellow dump truckparked by his place            “For Sale”he’s fine, but times and people change. Those loads of river-run and crushed blue mime rockin our roadbed            Stu and mestanding talking            engine idlingthose days gone now, days to come. From Danger on Peaks, © 2004 by […]

By Tricycle

Magazine | Insights

Buddha Buzz Winter 2004

Hi-Tech MantraBuddhism may be 2,500 years old, but in some ways it’s downright futuristic. In New Zealand, the Dorje Chang Institute has miniaturized a mantra written by the Dalai Lama and copied it onto microfilm 18 billion times. The film has now been placed inside an eight-foot-high prayer wheel, so that with every turn of […]

By Jeff Wilson

MeditationMagazine | Insights

The Space Between

Performing a “Wada test” (in which the activities of one hemisphere of a patient’s brain are suspended by a drug so the abilities of the other hemisphere can be tested in isolation), neuropsychologist Paul Broks provides the scientist’s perspective on no-self.

By Paul Brooks