Commit to Sit: Tricycle’s 28-day meditation challenge
Introduction Working with Aversion
The Five Precepts Working with Metta
Week 1: The Breath Working with Sense Doors
Week 2: The Body Seated Meditation Tips
Week 3: Emotions & Hindrances Working with Hindrances
Week 4: Thoughts Meditation Supplies
Supplementary Material 7 Simple Exercises

Use these exercises for a few days each month to help you maintain clarity, compassion, and mindfulness throughout the full range of your experience.

Exercise 1 Practice acting on the thoughts of generosity that arise in the mind.

Exercise 2 Determine not to gossip or speak about a third party who isn’t with you at the time.

Exercise 3 Pick a person in your life that you usually ignore or feel indifferent to. Consciously pay attention to them and make them an object of your metta

Exercise 4 Observe whatever desire arises strongly in your mind. Note whatever emotions you feel associated with it (such as loneliness, fear, longing, boredom, and so on).

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