CLARK STRAND’s confession of faith, “Born Again Buddhist”, offers a highly personal view of American Buddhism. He tells us: “I believe we are on the brink of a great new wave of Buddhist conversion, and that wave will be Pure Land Buddhism. The Pure Land teaching seizes ordinary people in the midst of their ordinary lives and transforms them on the spot. And because that experience is passed from heart to heart, it travels very quickly. That is why I have called it born-again Buddhism. It will spread exactly like a fire.”


AMY KARAFIN profiles Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo for this issue (“Rivers in the Stream”). “At first I thought Rivers’ life was a paradox,” says Karafin. “I have trouble keeping up my meditation practice if I go out to dinner. How does a full-fledged rock star keep it up on tour? But when I met him, I realized that these ideas of celebrity and success were just constructs. We’re all on similar paths, each with its own individual set of obstacles and strengths. In the end, finding the dharma through music is just as natural as any other route.”


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