Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai has worked as a photographer and photojournalist in India for numerous publications since the mid-1960s and was chosen in 1977 by the French photography giant Henri Cartier-Bresson to join the renowned collective Magnum Photos. The portfolio “His Holiness: A Life” (p. 60), from Rai’s new book, A God in Exile: The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, documents the ordinary and extraordinary moments that make up the life of one of the world’s most celebrated public figures.


Master Hsin Tao


The founder of two Chan (Chinese Zen) monasteries as well as the interfaith organizations Museum of World Religions and Global Family for Love and Peace, Master Hsin Tao was born in Burma in 1948. Orphaned and displaced by war, he came to Taiwan as a teenager before becoming ordained. He shares the insight gained through years of intense meditation in “Listening to Silence” (p. 79), part of our special section on practices off the beaten path.


Carla Frank
Photograph by Stella Yi Reed


Tricycle warmly welcomes our new creative director, Carla Frank, a New York– based designer. Frank’s art direction has guided global brands in food, travel, fashion, and wellness. She now brings her considerable expertise to our new and updated look.


Martin O'Neill
Photograph by Alun Callender


British illustrator Martin O’Neill’s distinctive collage art is frequently featured in UK– and US–based publications, advertising, and installations. He merged the Buddha’s two depictions— human and divine—for the vibrant visuals that accompany “The Human Deity” (p. 44) and bring life to our cover.

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