What is the Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival? The Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival is an online film festival hosted by Tricycle featuring six Buddhist films selected from the BuddhaFest film festival held in the Washington, DC area. We’re also featuring six talks from this year’s event. Learn more about the Washington-area event here.

How do I get access to see the films? All you need is an Online Festival Pass: $25 for Basic Members, $20 for Supporting and Sustaining Members. If you are currently a Basic Member, you can upgrade now and get your Festival Pass at the $20 preferred member rate.


When are the films shown? A schedule of when the films will be first be shown is here.

Are the films shown only once? Most films will be shown for two weeks. See our schedule here.

I’ve purchased a festival pass—do I need a special password or login to view the films? No, when you purchase a festival pass, the Tricycle site grants you access to view the full-length feature films. Just be sure that you are logged in as a member to the Tricycle site when viewing the films.

Can I download the films? No, the films are not downloadable. You can view them only on the Tricycle site.

Is there anything other than the films available at the Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival? Yes, there are teachings from Buddhist teachers also available. Check the Online Film Festival page for more information.

Will the films have subtitles? There are no sub-title options on our website. However, many of the films are in other languages so do contain some English subtitles.

I’m having trouble streaming the video. Is there anything I can do? When the video doesn’t buffer enough during playback, it can cause the problem where it starts from the beginning no matter where you try to skim to. The best advice is to stop playback, let the video buffer several minutes of video and try again.

If the video stopping part way through, it’s usually for the same reason. Either the buffer of downloaded video has run out, or in some cases streaming has stopped due to your network connection. The best advice is to refresh the page, let the video buffer a bit before trying to skim to where you left off, and try again.

More questions? Please let us know.