As of yesterday, Snow Lion is now part of Shambhala Publications. Over the years, Snow Lion has been at the forefront of Tibetan Buddhist publishing, giving a home to books by modern authors in the Tibetan lineage along with translations and commentaries of ancient texts. Though their operations in Ithaca will be shut down, Snow Lion’s editors are staying through the transition and its books have been incorporated into the Shambhala Publications website. Snow Lion president Jeff Cox and co-founder Sidney Piburn have left an announcement on the old Snow Lion site:

Dear Friends,

Thirty years ago His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave the founders of Snow Lion a mission: to publish books from all the traditions of Tibet.  It was most important, he told us, to be non-sectarian in our approach. More specifically, he suggested that we publish translations of classic texts and monastic textbooks from each of the four main lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, commentaries by eminent lamas past and present of their respective lineages, and works by Western practitioners and scholars skilled at bridging the cultures. In addition, he suggested we publish books for those newly interested in Buddhism, books for serious students and scholars, as well as materials for advanced practitioners.

As we’ve gotten older we’ve been working to ensure that our important mission continue into the future. We feel very pleased that we were able to connect with Nikko Odiseos and Sara and Ivan Bercholz, the new generation so capably running Shambhala Publications.  All of them are serious pracitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, and they share our interest in preserving the full range of this invaluable tradition.

So we are very pleased that Snow Lion is joining Shambhala Pubs and we have great confidence in its continuous bright future! It has a good home and we are looking forward to the great work still to come!