It’s the second week of David Rome’s Tricycle Retreat on Focusing for Meditators. This week’s teaching is called Welcoming the Felt Sense: Dropping the Storyline. Watch a preview of this teaching below.

One retreat participant asks:

I have been trying to work with the idea but seemed to have missed something along the way. I returned to the first session and did the readings and then tried again. This feels so much like running away. I return to the “story” for a bit, the stop and drop to the body. Feeling about there feels safe and grounded, more focussed and more “real”. I could stay there for quite a while it seems, in the body. It feels as though I ran away from the life story. Sooner or later the story comes and gets me again.

Is the idea to just keep running away? Am I judging this too quickly? Is there another step that we will “get” next week? I am grateful for the video as it has me experimenting with a slightly different approach to daily practice. Impatience is present. Maybe that’s the answer?

And David Rome responds:

Nothing wrong with feeling safe and grounded–that’s a good place to have available to you! But “you” are still in charge–instead of waiting for the problem to “come and get you,” you might try gently asking the safe, grounded place if IT would be ready to listen to the story again.

Join the retreat here. It’s open to all Tricycle Community Supporting and Sustaining Members.