Next week we begin a Tricycle Retreat with Acharya Gaylon Ferguson, who will instruct us on Natural Bravery: In the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, there is a saying, “Unless we understand the nature of fear, we cannot know fearlessness.”

His retreat will fit into a larger examination of the ten-year anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th. We will hear from the scholar of religion Karen Armstrong, whose 2003 interview “The Freelance Monotheist,” contains a devastating critique of religious fundamentalism. She is now engaged in work that we are proud to join in, that of bring compassion to our communities and building Compassionate Cities across the globe.

Watch a preview of Gaylon Ferguson’s Tricycle Retreat here, and come back Tuesday, September 6th to begin the retreat itself, and to discuss fundamentalism and and its antidotes with Karen Armstrong.