Sugarcoating it will do you no good: everyone you know someday will die. The best that we can hope for is to be prepared for the moment of death, as thoroughly as we can, whenever it comes. How does one begin to prepare for the end of life? For a Tibetan Buddhist approach to this question, join us at the Tricycle Book Club where we are discussing Anyen Rinpoche’s new book Dying with Confidence. The conversation is being facilitated by Allison Graboski, the translator of the book, and Eileen Cahoon, the editor.

From Dying with Confidence:

Contemplate the Causes and Conditions that Led to Your Birth and Will Lead to Your Death
Recognize the long chain of positive and negative actions that brings you to this very moment. Search for a deep understanding of karma, causes and conditions, and how you can affect your spiritual path with mindful actions from now until death. Then consider the type of practitioner you wish to be at your death and what kind of spiritual support you will want from others. Take time to imagine yourself in the dying process, Do you have the confidence to die well? Are you ready?

From the Flickr photostream of Dave Pearson.

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