Here are two works that recently came across my desk by a fantastic poet named Patrick Mizelle,

Here then ungraspable is nonetheless the moment, unified and undefiled, when moonlight casts its shadow on the sundial, border between memory and projection– border once it’s recognized already crossed. Atomic haze, perpetually reincarnating, here making for itself a movie of the world, My Life and Times, and shining clear light through film frames in semblance of motion. Here let the director, shimmering Vajradhara, give me wings of wisdom and compassion. I’ll act the action and in the darkness take a journey, one thing leading to another, journey going nowhere, going nowhere, fast.

Ai Ayiti! Catastrophe our own mortality Writ large disaster—evil stars— Karma devils fate Propensity or just geology Rumbling earth violent sky Treacherous sea capricious flame The drip drip chain of change Or sudden snap His Venerable Antiquity inscrutable Plays snakes and ladders in the lounge upstairs To the music of the spheres et Clamor meus ad te veniat Or is it all just atoms Singing to themselves Enigma Variations in continuous loop No need to read a tarot deck To see chateau Descartes all out of luck Thought taste touch smell Sight hearing bodhi body Corpse carrion cadaver shell If life or death have meaning it is lost on me I cannot tell you only watch and see Hands held hearts kind might we together be Out onward past eternity Knot  knot  knot  no Not  not  not  know Hri

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