In a recent talk at Unfettered Mind, Ken McLeod discusses different strategies for being able to implement intention. Intention is only half the battle; you have to be able to see it through. You intend to do something and then you do it. By strengthening intention, McLeod says, you can make things manifest in the world, you can change the direction you’re going in and break free of negative habitual patterns. An example of one of his strategies:

Another way, and this is very useful for working with difficult situations, either internally or externally. Follow the gesture. This is a way of knowing what is happening. When you follow the gesture, and you know what is happening, then go another way. Do something different. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as it is different. When you do that you will experience everything that tries to constrain you to the original way the system operates. So you have to cut. Cut. Cut. So follow the gesture, go another way, cut.

He goes on to elaborate on what he means by “follow the gesture.” McLeod has a talent for using precise wording and creating formulas while retaining the power of suggestion. His teachings are direct but open enough to be tailored by the mind of the student. For those looking for online dharma resources (in the Tibetan tradition), Unfettered Mind is definitely worth looking into. Listen to the rest of McLeod’s talk here. Check out the first week of his Tricycle Online Retreat here.