More violence in southern Thailand, this time a Baghdad-style bomb in a crowded market. British groups have called for tourists to boycott Burma. India is big on family planning, and with good reason, but Buddhists in Ladakh, also known as Little Tibet, worry that if they follow this policy, they will die out. A controversial facelift for Bodh Gaya, Buddhism’s holiest town, is in the works. There have been investment indices for Christians and Muslims for some time. Now there’s on for Buddhists and Hindus:

Global index provider Dow Jones indexes and Dharma Investments, a private investment company, today announced the launch of Dow Jones dharma index for measuring the performance of companies selected according to the value systems and principles of Dharmic religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism.

[UPDATE: The Worst Horse had a similar item to this, plus a cool Tibetan Buddhist jukebox, yesterday. I tell ya, ya gotta get up early in the morning! . . . ] An amazing article on the horror of rabies in Africa and parts of Asia from the New York Times. So many of these diseases would be routinely treatable, or even eradicable, given sufficient resources. Also from the Times, do you want to learn about Boltzmann’s Brain? It’s very strange.