As long as there is attention on Burma, there’s hope, from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Malaysia presses its southeast Aisan neighbors for talks on Burma, from the BBC.

Authorities are still rounding up dissidents in Burma, says the Bangkok Post.

Forget conflict diamonds — here come the blood-red rubies of Mogok. The junta relies on sales of precious stones to keep it afloat.

The Sydney Morning Herald looks into what happened to the monks.

The WSJ decries India and China’s silence on the Burmese matter. (In a related story the WSJ praises Cheney’s plan of “surgical strikes” on Iranian nuclear facilities.)

Protests around the world in support of the Burmese people, from the Toronto Star. And a vigil in Toronto for Burma.

And from the BBC, Japan mourns its slain reporter, Kenji Nagai.

– Philip Ryan, Web EditorĀ