This email came yesterday from the U.S. Campaign for Burma: Here’s What You Can Do to Support the Saffron Revolution Dear Supporter, uscfb1.jpgCourageous people of Burma, under the leadership of Buddhist monks, began a national strike today. Over 200,000 people, monks, nuns, students, actors, journalists, doctors, housewives, elders, people from all walks of live join in the national strike in Rangoon today and many other cities through out the country. The past few days the fervor in the country has built up immensely. I’m sure that many of heard about how on Saturday a group of monks were allowed to march past Aung San Suu Kyi’s house in Rangoon. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi came out from her house, reached near the gate and paid respect to the monks with tears. The monks stood in front of her house for 15 minute and made blessing of her. The civilians, who were accompanying with the monks, also shouted the slogan, “Long Live Daw Aung San Suu Kyi”. We have also received recently disturbing news from inside sources that the military has ordered a brigade to shave their heads and dress up as monks to start inciting violence, so that the military will have an excuse to crackdown. We are seriously concerned about the risk of a violent crackdown, and now it is time to take our vigilance to a new level and act! We are certain that China is they key to change inside Burma. They have paralyzed the UN Security Council so far, and they must accept a more responsible and multilateral role. Those staging the protests inside Burma are not just aware of China’s negative support in Burma, but very upset by it as well. On Saturday a large group of monks marched to the Chinese and Russian embassies and protested in front. If you have ever cared about Burma, now is the time, at the crest of the largest public demonstrations in 20 years to join in and show your support. We are working on bringing in as many world leaders, celebrities, news agencies on board with this story, but you need to play your part as well. It will not just be Americans working for this, but a global movement as well. Starting this Wednesday (September 26th) we will begin a global week of ACTION. With an explosion of action we will make sure that everyone from world leaders to your next door neighbors have their eyes focused on Burma. Having this global focus will not only help in the protection of those demonstrating, but also make sure that the calls of the monks and civilians gets turned into international action. HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: – Be a part of our 88,000 signatures campaign. I am asking people to collectively gather 88,000 signatures from around the world, calling on Chinese President Hu Jintao to compel Burma towards valid national reconciliation. Sign the petition here online: Click Here OH BUT WAIT… you don’t get off to so easy. Download the petition from our website and get hundreds and thousands of people to sign it. We’re going for 88,000. Download Petition Here – Hold a Saffron Supporting Event.. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a major city or not, you can still organize an event. These can be a powerful tool to raise awareness in your home town, and millions of eyes on Burma is exactly what we need with the military on the verge of a violent crackdown. You can organize a march, candle light vigil, or get creative and do any sort of action that will work for you and your community. Global Events are occurring this next week and I want the US to be well represented. Sign up to hold an action in your town here: Click Here to Sign Up – Donate to USCB: We are running at full steam and are in strong need of financial assistance. Click Here to Donate – Create a YouTube video for the Republican presidential debates asking them what they will do to help Burma: Thank you all for your work, and please let me hear from you on what you are doing- – Thelma Young Campaigns Coordinator Support 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Burma. Become a member of the United States Campaign for Burma today.