In its winter 2009 issue, Tricycle published an article titled “Dharma Wars,” which reported on the Buddhist blogosphere, and described an online exchange among Dogo Barry Graham, Rev. Kobutsu Kevin Malone, and Rev. Gomyo Kevin Seperic. In that article, among other things, Tricycle printed a comment by Mr. Graham that one of his “accusers” had been convicted of assault, and that the other’s teaching credentials had been fabricated. Both accusers remained nameless. By printing Mr. Graham’s comment, Tricycle merely intended to provide an example of the type of exchange that led the author of the article to become concerned about the sometimes acrimonious online exchanges among Buddhists. Tricycle did not intend to state or imply that either Rev. Kobutsu Kevin Malone or Rev. Gomyo Kevin Seperic had been convicted of assault or had fabricated teaching credentials. Tricycle likewise did not intend to weigh in on the validity of the charges against Mr. Graham. It was the nature of the exchange that was at issue.

Rev. Kobutsu and Rev. Gomyo contacted Tricycle and were—and remain—invited to respond, as are any of the parties mentioned in the article. It is not unusual for people to vociferously disagree with an author’s point of view, and Tricycle has weathered many such storms in the past, although more often for being controversial than for being a “corporate behemoth.” We are not the latter; if we were, we’d be walking a little further downtown, to Goldman Sachs, for our H1N1 flu shots. Alas, we remain among the uninnoculated.

We remain open to all points of view.

The Editors