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Tricycle Teachings: Dying & Death

Death is universal and inevitable. Sooner or later, it comes to all of us. As Buddhists, we are taught that the experience of dying contains the seeds of great personal transformation. But let’s face it: It’s also tough. Tricycle Teachings: Dying & Death offers compassion and insight for anyone seeking to explore the Buddhist approach to one of life’s greatest mysteries.


Table of Contents

  1. “Death Poems,”

    by Fuse Yajiro
  2. “Only the Practice of Dharma Can Help Us at the Time of Death,”

    by Larry Rosenberg
  3. “Birth and Death,”

    by Eihei Dogen
  4. “Aging into Dying and Death,”

    by Ken Jones
  5. “The Lucky Dark,”

    by Joan Halifax
  6. “Living the Life You Wish to Live,”

    an interview with Stephen and Ondrea Levine
  7. “Good Death,”

    by Patricia Anderson
  8. “On Being a True Friend,”

    by Sogyal Rinpoche
  9. “On What to Do When the Going Gets Rough,”

    by Frank Ostaseski
  10. “On Beginning at the Beginning,”

    by Judy L. Lief
  11. “A Care Giver’s Story,”

    by Tony D.
  12. “The Luminous Gap in Bardo,”

    by Francesca Fremantle

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