It’s easy to lose sight of the spirit of Thanksgiving amid the stress of food prep and anxiety about what your sister is going to say to you this time.

To that end, we’ve chosen a handful of articles and video teachings that might help you carve out a space of reflection today before you carve the turkey. From advice on how to foster a healthy relationship with food to notes on practicing amid the intimate, complex relationships of family, you’ll find something to center you at the dinner table this Thursday and beyond.

Naikan Therapy & The Japanese Art of Self-Reflection 
A dharma talk and video teaching series on how to shift from a complaint-based life to a gratitude-based one
With Gregg Krech

Family Practice
Family can provoke great suffering—or act as the richest vehicle for spiritual practice.
By Lama Makransky

Tricycle Teachings: Food
For a day that’s focused on food, Buddhist wisdom on what (and how) we eat

Right Speech
Nonviolent communication strategies to help you navigate difficult conversations at the Thanksgiving table
By Katy Butler

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Recipes (and a short teaching) for the “veggies” among us
By Lama Shabkar