Tricycle Meditation Month is our annual challenge to sit every day for the month of March. In the third week of our free practice series, meditation teacher Mindy Newman tackles another obstacle that practitioners commonly face: self-criticism.

“I once heard a meditation teacher say something that was very helpful to me: Meditation is courageous. It takes courage to sit down and take a look at your mind,” Newman says in her talk. “I want to encourage all of us this week to really make a commitment to be gentle with ourselves and create space. Whatever’s happening in our mind is totally permissible. It’s totally okay that is there . . .  it’s just something to work with.”

Building off last week’s video about setting an intention, Newman asks us to set openness as your intention and to create a space in our mind where thoughts can arise without judgement.

New videos are posted every Thursday throughout the month here on Trike Daily and are free to watch.

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity.

Mark your calendars: Newman will wrap up Meditation Month with a live call on March 29 from 8-9pm EST on Facebook.

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