[Images: Danny Fisher: © Pierre Rene Bouchard; David Meanix: © David Meanix]
Danny Fisher: © Pierre Rene Bouchard; David Meanix: © David Meanix

ROSHI PAT ENKYO O’HARA is the Abbott of the Village Zendo in New York City. She has received dharma transmission in both the Soto and Rinzai lines of Zen Buddhism, through the White Plum Lineage. Enkyo Roshi serves as the guiding teacher of our “90-Day Zen Meditation Challenge”. She says, “I love encouraging people to investigate Zen practice and to sit zazen, because for me and so many I have known, it is simply a gateway to joy and service. It is true that for some, the attention to form may initially be off-putting, but it actually is a support.”

DANNY FISHER profiles Ravenna Michalsen in “Mindful Music”. He tells Tricycle, “I wanted to write about Ravenna primarily because I felt she was making such unique contributions through her music. There are also a lot of young people like her working in new ways to support and encourage the development of Buddhism in America. They offer their various talents and abilities out of pure devotion. And if they do want anything in return, it’s just to try to eke out a livelihood in what Ravenna calls the ‘dharma industry.’”

As a licensed clinical social worker and Vipassana teacher, AMITA SCHMIDT finds that knowledge of one’s own personality type can help to cultivate mindfulness. With her article,“Which Buddhist Personality Type Are You?” she provides a way for readers to gain self-awareness through this psychological system. “Even though there is an ample amount of anecdotal wisdom on the classic Buddhist personality types,” she explains, “there is very little written about them. I wrote this article as a way to compile some of the sangha’s experiential wisdom on the personality types. This piece is meant to be an introduction to the types, so that you can discover more for yourself.”

Since his sisters taught him to disco dance at age 5, DAVID MEANIX has used dance and the grace of physical activities as a meditative form of recreation and expression. After flash-dancing his way to high school talent show victories, he became interested in dance photography. His photographic portfolio of ZenDance (“Zen and the Art of Dance,”) captures performers from the Asia-Pacific Performing Arts Network on camera and in midair. Meanix tells Tricycle, “My photo of Jaeduk Kim’s Sonmudo (Zen martial arts) leap into the air on page 69 represents how I jumped with joy at the opportunity to take photos of APPAN’s presentation of Meditation—Healing Dance and Music.”