infographic on buddhism in african great lakes

Number of Buddhist centers: 8
Tanzania: 1
Kenya: 3
Uganda: 1
Democratic Republic of the Congo: 3

Oldest Center: The Tanzania Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center (1915–1920) in Dar es Salaam, founded by Sri Lankan immigrants

Newest center: Kagyu Samye Dzong Lubumbashi (Karma Shenpen Nyima Ling) (2008) in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist center.

Estimated number of ordained Buddhist monks and nuns: 10 (9 monks and 1 nun)

Number of Tricycle subscribers: 2 (Tanzania and Kenya)

Number of wheelchairs the Nairobi Theravada Buddhist Center has donated across Kenya: Over 350

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Editor’s note (August 2019): Watch a recently released short documentary about the Nairobi Theravada Buddhist Center by Earth Angel Films here

Data from BuddhaNet’s World Buddhist Directory, The Buddhist Channel, and correspondence with centers.