Welcome back for week three of Meditation Month, our annual challenge to sit all 31 days of March. 

If you’re just joining us, our Meditation Month teacher, Sebene Selassie, is leading a series of four free guided meditation videos. Sebene is an Insight Meditation teacher and a writer who has been studying Buddhism for the past 30 years. Each Sunday, we’re releasing a new video, which builds on the previous week’s lesson. 

In this week’s video, Sebene uses a teaching on the element of fire to show us how to tune into the reality of impermanence, one of the Buddha’s central teachings.

Sebene explains that seeing the subtle fluctuations in temperature, mood, and thought patterns that we experience throughout our day can teach us how to welcome change instead of resist it. 

After a brief introduction, Sebene leads us in a guided meditation to help us explore how we experience the fire element as temperature, heat, and coolness—and metaphorically as the element of creativity and expression. 

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity

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