To make my sitting practice a daily priority.
To spend less time being social with strangers, online.
To think twice before acting on the heart’s closings.
To not expect too much, and be grateful for what is.
To make room for the unavoidable unpleasantness.
To not cling to pleasant things, people, or moments.
To have compassion for my imperfections, and those of others.
To uproot the hindrances, especially fear and anger.
To view each social interaction as an opportunity to learn.
To play catch with thoughts and chase away the impure ones.
To move more slowly and more deliberately in the world.
To be more with nature, and people, and less in my head.
To rest in the breath often throughout the days.
To walk each step, thankful for the earth beneath.
To practice lovingkindness often, and forgive myself when I forget . . .

From “15 Mindfulness Resolutions for 2014,” by Marguerite Manteau-Rao, published on the blog Mind Deep: A Mindfulness Practice Blog. Reprinted with permission of the author.