© Jack Radcliffe
© Jack Radcliffe

A beloved father is tended by his daughter; a young man’s partner dies of AIDS; an ex-lover cares for a victim of leukemia. In these and other stories, Buddhists talk about how their practice supported the as they cared for those they loved. With teaching from Judith L. Lief, Frank Ostaseski, Philip Kapleau, and Sogyal Rinpoche.

Judith Lief on Beginning at the Beginning

Raja Hornstein’s A Caregiver’s Story

Judith Lief on the Contagious Power of Presence

Frank Ostaseski on What to Do When the Going
Gets Rough

Tony D’s Caregiver Story

Philip Kapleau on Breathing Together

Sogyal Rinpoche on Being a True Friend

Deborah Jaymati Levi’s Caregiver Story

Kaz Suzuki’s Caregiver Story

Sogyal Rinpoche on the Blessing of Atmosphere

Frank Ostaseski on Lending Our Bodies