Secular Dharma is a way of radically reconfiguring the dharma to address the conditions of modernity and the crises facing the survival of life on earth. It is founded on an ethics of uncertainty, which seeks an appropriate response to the suffering of our times without any appeal to metaphysical or religious beliefs.

In anticipation of his upcoming online series with Bodhi College, join this free kick-off event with Stephen Batchelor and Tricycle editor and publisher James Shaheen, who will discuss the ideas presented in Stephen’s book, After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age, as well as his new work-in-progress, An Ethics of Uncertainty: A Post-Buddhist Odyssey.

The 12-week online series with Bodhi College will look at the emergence of Secular Dharma within the history of Buddhism and examine the key ideas that inform a skeptical, agnostic, therapeutic, and pragmatic understanding of the Buddha’s teachings. Stephen will explore how the project of imagining a Secular Dharma is evolving as a practical philosophy to engage with the existential crises of our time.

Join Tricycle for this free course kick-off event, an hour-long conversation between Stephen and James on Thursday, January 21st at 1 p.m. EST on Zoom.

Watch the recording of the event here.

A photo of Stephen Batchelor
is a translator, teacher, artist, and writer known for his secular approach to the Dharma. A co-founder of Bodhi College, Batchelor has written a handful of books including Buddhism Without Beliefs, Living with the Devil, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist and After Buddhism. His most recent publication, The Art of Solitude, was published by Yale University Press in 2020. He lives in southwest France with his wife Martine.