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Myanmar’s Military Releases Vitriolic Monk Ashin Wirathu

Without offering further details, the junta stated that all charges against the so-called “Buddhist Bin Laden” had been dropped. Plus, Bhutanese monks support sexual education and Pasadena Buddhist temple hosts COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Tricycle looks back…

By Alison Spiegel, Amanda Lim Patton, and Daniel Ilan Cohen Thin

Culture Poetry


A poem on the seemingly unspeakable tragedies of post-9/11 modern life

By Paul Breslin

BuddhaFest: Remembering September 11th

As the summer—with its record-setting heat, earthquakes, and hurricanes—draws to a close, the 10-year anniversary of events of 9/11 draws near. Over the weekend on which September 11 falls, Tricycle will co-sponsor A Weekend of Peace,…

By Tricycle

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