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Being Present With August at Akiko’s

The director of August at Akiko’s and its co-star (and real-life inspiration) discuss their contemplative approach to filmmaking they used to capture an authentic vision of Hawaii.

Interview with Akiko Masuda and Christopher Makoto Yogi by Eliza Rockefeller

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The Present Moment

The "present moment" is on everyone's lips nowadays. But do we really know what we mean by it? The philosophers of antiquity help us get underneath the cliché.

By Jack Petranker | Photography by Tonje Thilesen

Being Present

From Chapter 5 of our current Tricycle Retreat leader Ezra Bayda’s new book, Beyond Happiness, The Zen Way to True Contentment,     Being Present     Up to this point the primary emphasis in this book has…

By Tricycle

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