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This Week in Retreat: Questions on Buddha Nature and Ritual

This week in Rita Gross’s ongoing Tricycle Retreat, Buddhist History for Buddhist Practioners, Rita discusses what parts of the Buddhist teachings were unique ideas of the Buddha, as opposed to ideas that already existed in spiritual traditions of his day. She explains that these unique innovations can be broken down into five categories: The Four […]

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The Power of Solitude, from the Tricycle e-book

One of the articles we’re featuring from 20 Years, 20 Teachings: The Tricycle 20th Anniversary E-Book is “The Power of Solitude,” an interview with teacher of Tibetan Buddhism Reginald Ray. This e-book, which brings together some of the best writing from Tricycle’s 20-year history, is available for immediate download to Supporting or Sustaining Members of […]

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True or False: Humans Have Innate Buddha-Nature

Noah Levine, from chapter 2 of his new book The Heart of the Revolution, When we begin to care about others and ourselves in a deeper way, then the friendliness and love and generosity that are innate within each of us begins to surface. As we stop cultivating the unwholesome and unskillful mind-states, as they […]

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Taking Your Future Into Your Own Hands

All sentient beings without a single exception have buddha nature, from the dharmakaya buddha down to the tiniest insect. There is no real difference in the quality or size of this enlightened essence between individuals. However, buddhas and fully enlightened bodhisattvas have cut the movement of dualistic mind at the very beginning. That is how […]

By Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
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Being Natural

Let it go and be spontaneous, Experience no going or staying. Accord with your nature, unite with the Way, Wander at ease, without vexation. The most important thing in practice is to be natural and spontaneous. Being natural does not mean neglecting everything. It requires careful attention. In meditation, you should sit in a natural […]

By Master Sheng-Yen
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