buddhis in afghanistan

Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan

Trike Daily News

Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Stokes Fear for Ancient Buddhist Artifacts and Sites

A Shiite militia leader’s destroyed statue recalls the Buddhas of Bamiyan, blown up 20 years ago. Plus, China calls for assimilation on the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Tibet, and California wildfires cause two Buddhist centers to evacuate. Tricycle looks back at the events of this week in the Buddhist world.

By Alison Spiegel, Amanda Lim Patton, and Daniel Ilan Cohen Thin

Trike Daily

Afghan Buddhist ruins in danger, this time by mining company

Science.org reported a few weeks back that the remains of an ancient Buddhist monastery in Afghanistan will be destroyed if a Chinese mining project goes forward. The proposed copper mine may require that the site be blown up, although Afghan and French archeologists in the field believe that the monastery’s remains can be preserved to […]

By Tricycle
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