Buddhist Ethics

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Dharma Talks

Guidelines for an Ethical Life

There is a tenderness that arises when we realize we belong to each other. That tenderness, embodied through sila, the Pali Buddhist term for ethics or moral conduct, manifests as a fierce showing up for one another…

By Leslie Booker

duality and ethics

Teachings Theravada

Safety in Duality

While the dharma contains non-dualistic teachings, the Buddha still believed that we can tell the difference between what we should and shouldn't do.

By Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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IdeasMagazine | Dharma Talk

Reclaiming Our Agency

The Buddha’s mindfulness was not a passive exercise but a practice of conscious decision making. The choices he suggested lead to lasting happiness.

By Peter Doobinin

Magazine | Dharma Talk

On Dignity

What is “self-worth” in a system that denies the permanence of any self?

By Sallie Jiko Tisdale, Photography by Dorothea Lange

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