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Akiko Takakura, one of the few survivors within 500 meters of Hiroshima’s ground zero, recounts how the atomic bomb prompted a moment of compassion and closeness with her stern father.

By André Hörmann, Anna Samo

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In Japanese, the term mizuko, “water child,” refers to miscarried, stillborn, and aborted pregnancies. This intimate animated film depicts co-director Kira Dane’s experience of abortion, juxtaposing American culture with the Japanese Buddhist Jizo rite for grieving lost pregnancies.

By Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo
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Light a Candle

To mark the abducted 11th Panchen Lama’s 29th birthday and pressure the Chinese government to release him, leaders of Students for a Free Tibet attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most candles on a birthday cake.

By Tenzin Kalden
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