Clark Strand

Clark Strand’s “Green” Spirituality

If you haven’t been following Clark Strand’s columns about Green Bodhisattvas on, you should be. It is fascinating and inspiring to watch Strand flesh out this idea that all ancient wisdom traditions share some type…

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Spirituality without Religion? Vice versa?

The spirituality versus religion debate may be coming to a close—and if it isn’t, maybe Clark Strand comes close to making it so. At the very least he exposes the question for the red herring that…

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The World Without Us

I came across an Elephant Journal tweet that took me to this, by Jay Winston: Hell, pumping every kind of toxin into our ground, air, and water while carelessly wasting every natural resource we can find…

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Honoring “Silent Mark”

In his recent Tricycle Online Retreat on Green Meditation, Clark Strand told the story of his friend Mark Rogosin.  A one time patent attorney in New York City, Rogosin suffered a mental breakdown and retreated to…

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Ideas Climate Change

Earth Day: The World Without Us

Happy Earth Day to all! May all beings wake up to the beauty and gravity of our planet! Here is part of a conversation between environmental journalist Alan Weisman and Tricycle contributing editor Clark Strand (see…

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