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Personal Reflections Bardo

Turning Toward a More Authentic Life

Between-States: Conversations About Bardo and Life In Tibetan Buddhism, “bardo” is a between-state. The passage from death to rebirth is a bardo, as well as the journey from birth to death. The conversations in “Between-States” explore…

Ann Tashi Slater in conversation with Melissa Febos

21 days

Film Club

21 Days 二十一天

21 days after the death of his mother, Jin and his father navigate loss, grief, and their new lives without her. Stream the film now through February 4, 2022!

By Mun Chee Yong

Film Club

Dying Doesn’t Feel Like What I’m Doing

How does a spiritual leader cope with a terminal cancer diagnosis? Rachel Cowan, a beloved Rabbi, a mindfulness teacher, civil rights activist, and community organizer meets her mortality head-on in this documentary about the last years…

By Paula Weiman-Kelman

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