rising from the tsunami

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Rising From the Tsunami

Ten years ago, Japan was devastated by a tsunami, which some survivors say tore a hole in the veil between the living and dead. Zen priest Reverend Kaneda counsels people who believe they are possessed by…

Jeremy Perrin and Hélène Robert

Beautiful Image from Japan

                  This image came to us via a friend on twitter. We’re not sure of the story behind it but I find it to be quite moving. Ways…

By Tricycle

Upcoming Earthquake/Tsunami Memorials in Los Angeles

We just receiving word on some inspiring activities in Los Angeles from an old friend of Tricycle: The Buddhist Temple of San Diego (Nishi Honganji) just did a big public memorial service on March 13, it…

By Tricycle

Three Practices for Japan

Even with the vast amount of information available to us through the media and internet, the amount of destruction, death, and suffering that is a result of the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear catastrophe in Japan…

By Tricycle

Massive Earthquake and Tsunami hits Japan

via the New York Times, TOKYO — An earthquake of 8.9. magnitude struck off the coast of Japan  on Friday, the strongest ever recorded in the country. The quake churned up a devastating tsunami that swept…

By Tricycle

Tibet Earthquake Emergency Relief

From, We are very sad to report that hundreds have died and an estimated 10,000 mostly ethnic Tibetans were injured and left homeless in near-freezing temperatures in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck a…

By Tricycle

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