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Buddhists and Evolution

Blogging for the Chicago Tribune, Stephen Asma recently wrote about Buddhists and evolution: Turns out, many American biology teachers like Beau Schaefer are sneaking creationism into their classrooms. Buddhism, like every philosophy, has many problems, but thankfully it doesn’t have this one. In fact, Buddhists are all about the evolution. Buddhism doesn’t have a creator […]

By Sam Mowe

Trike Daily

Could Transhumanism Make Buddhism Obsolete?

In our Summer 2010 issue, there is an interview with transhumanist, bioethicist, and former Buddhist monk James Hughes. In Cyborg Buddha, Hughes takes on the relationship between Buddhism and transhumanism.  Like other transhumanists, he makes the claim that science and technology may eventually enhance the human mind and body so that existential inevitabilities such as […]

By Tricycle
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