Five Hindrances

bhante g impermanence

Teachings Meditation Month 2022

Crossing the Ocean

Theravada Buddhist monk Bhante G explains that looking inward to realize the impermanence of all conditioned phenomena is the path to nirvana

By Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, edited by Douglas John Imbrogno

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The Dharma of Snow

Be patient and persevere: results on the path will come in due time, and sometimes all at once, like the sudden melting of snow.

By Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni

Doubt: Help or Hindrance?

Sharon Salzberg, from the fourth talk, “The Five Hindrances: Doubt,” of her Tricycle Retreat: Doubt, in Buddhist teaching, is a very interesting quality because there are many ways in which doubt is highly prized. We need…

By Tricycle

Advice for Dealing with Sleepiness in Meditation

Sharon Salzberg, from the third talk, “The Five Hindrances: Sleepiness and Restlessness,” of her Tricycle Retreat: Sleepiness and Sluggishness, classically known as Sloth and Torpor, can be very big habits in our lives. Sometimes in meditation…

By Tricycle

Fear and Anger are the Same Mind State

Sharon Salzberg, from the week 2 talk of her Tricycle Retreat, “The Five Hindrances: Desire and Aversion” Aversion in Buddhist psychology is quite interesting, because it’s both anger and fear. Anger and fear are considered in…

By Tricycle

The Five Hindrances: Can’t Desire Be a Good Thing?

Desire as a hindrance doesn’t mean intentionality, it doesn’t mean strong ardency to get things done, all of which can be very positive. It means clinging, attachment, grasping. -Sharon Salzberg Week 2 of Sharon’s ongoing Tricycle…

By Tricycle

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