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The Dangers of Spirituality

In recent decades, the decline of religious belief and affiliation in the West has been accompanied by a steady increase of interest in “spirituality” and the deployment of the term. The word has come a long…

By Tricycle

New York Insight Community Drop-in Hours

Good news for all you dharma bums in NYC! Our friends (and neighbors—they’re just a couple blocks away from the Trike offices) over at NY Insight have opened their beautiful center for community use during the…

By Tricycle

Call for Submissions from Vipassana Journal Inquiring Mind

The following announcement came to us from our friends at Inquiring Mind, a donation-supported, semiannual journal of the Vipassana community. The publication is excellent, and to make matters even better, author, Tricycle contributor, and previous Turning…

By Tricycle

Tricycle Trolls

Internet troll (from Urban Dictionary): 1. Noun. One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. 2. Noun. A person whose sole purpose…

By Tricycle

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