Culture Interviews

Zen Moves Through

A conversation with Guggenheim curator Sandhini Poddar about how Buddhist teachings helped inspire India's preeminent modernist painter, V.S. Gaitonde

By Tricycle

Buddha Buzz

Buddha Buzz: Warm and Fuzzy with Ram Dass

Well, boys and girls, the discussion ain’t over. (As it shouldn’t be.) Soto Zen priest and author James Ishmael Ford has added his voice into the mix of American Buddhist teachers who are remarking on the…

By Tricycle

Culture Poetry

On Pilgrimage

The following poem was submitted by Steve Kohn, a participant in last year’s “In the Footsteps of the Buddha” Tricycle pilgrimage to India. He was inspired to submit the poem upon reading Pico Iyer’s piece in…

By Steve Kohn

May I Live With Ease: Final Week of Cyndi Lee’s Retreat

In this final week’s teaching of Cyndi Lee’s retreat, “May I Live With Ease,” Cyndi discusses how we can turn our normal resistances to our practice into focused exertion. By taking a closer look at our…

By Tricycle

Himalayan Buddhist Art 101: Mandalas

Buddhist practice and Buddhist art have been inseparable in the Himalayas ever since Buddhism arrived to the region in the eighth century. But for the casual observer it can be difficult to make sense of the…

By Jeff Watt

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