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Same Old Story in a New World

Journalist Katy Butler, who wrote the first exposés on sexual abuse in Buddhist communities in the 80s and 90s, discusses what has changed with the #MeToo movement.

Interview with Katy Butler by Emma Varvaloucas

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Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America

Following the recent allegations at Shambhala International, we take a look back at a 1990 article that investigated the troubling legacy of its first two heads and established a precedent for Buddhist journalism.

By Katy Butler

Katy Butler on Buddhism, journalism, and Jeff Bridges

Katy Butler is a practicing Buddhist and storied journalist, having written for publications ranging from Vogue to Tricycle. In addition to conducting Tricycle’s recent interview with actor Jeff Bridges, this summer Katy wrote one of the…

By Tricycle

Things to consider as your parents age

Tricycle contributing editor Katy Butler recently interviewed Jeff Bridges for our upcoming August issue, and, as frequent visitors to our site know by now, you can watch Jeff and Bernie Glassman shooting the breeze in our…

By Tricycle

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