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Buddha Buzz: Dharma & Psychology, Buddhists on Twitter, and Simpler Friendships

Sweeping Zen recently posted a great interview with David Loy, a Buddhist philosopher and frequent Tricycle contributor, and among the topics discussed was the relationship between Buddhism and Psychology. We’ve found that this topic is surprisingly controversial, as reflected by the lengthy ongoing debate at “Human Nature, Buddha Nature,” an interview with psychologist John Welwood […]

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Trike Daily

Comments on Pleasure and Pain

We’ve reached the end of Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s Tricycle Retreat on the Eight Worldy Concerns. This week, Jetsunma will not be able to respond to questions until the weekend. The comments concerning Jetsunma’s teaching on Pleasure and Pain have certainly been thought-provoking. One retreatant writes: Some might say we are what we fear. What do […]

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