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“Compassion in action” is the philosophy of Karuna-Shechen, a Buddhist nonprofit cofounded by monks Matthieu Ricard and Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche. Karuna tells the uplifting stories of the women in India and Nepal empowered by the organization’s…

By Héctor Muniente

Stem Cells and Meditation

Stem cells are vital to the health of a human body, and scientists are now finding that meditation might increase a body’s stem cell count. In On Being‘s recent program “Stem Cells, Untold Stories,” Krista Tippett…

By Tricycle

The habits of happiness

Is Matthieu Ricard the happiest man in the world? Find out in the upcoming issue of Tricycle in which the French monk and former scientist discusses his most recent book Why Meditate?, the relationship between Buddhism…

By Tricycle

Matthieu Ricard

Molecular-biologist-turned-Tibetan-monk Matthieu Ricard is widely admired for his many talents, among them photography. But  Ricard’s life seems best defined by his humanitarian work and devotion to the dharma. A longtime friend and associate of his, Vivian…

By Tricycle

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