Meditation & Buddhist Practices


The Single Thing

“I don’t envision a single thing that, when      undeveloped, leads to such great harm as the      mind. The mind, when undeveloped, leads to      great harm.” “I don’t envision a single thing that, when developed,      leads to such great benefit as the mind. The      mind, when […]

By The Buddha


No Magic, No Miracle

Purify your mind. This is how you can help society; this is how you can stop harming others and start helping them. When you work for your own liberation, you will find that you have also started helping others to come out of their misery. One individual becomes several individuals—a slow widening of the circle. […]

By S. N. Goenka


Being Held by the Dharma

There’s no switch that turns on enlightenment. You move toward it with your effort. It’s an effort that might be unrecognizable to those who think “effort” means trying hard. You have to try soft—to be curious and open to whatever it is that results. Effort doesn’t mean gritting your teeth and pushing through to the […]

By Nancy Thompson
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