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“I teach one thing and one thing only: suffering and the end of suffering.”-The Buddha A manifestation of samsara:               Amidst samsara, a different view:          …

By Tricycle

Buddhism and Evil

On Sunday, we used a quote from David R. Loy’s piece, “The Nonduality of Good and Evil” as the day’s Daily Dharma. I then posted this excerpt to our Facebook page, If you want to hurt…

By Tricycle


Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Beats Cancer

We were very happy to learn today that Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, who has been battling cancer for roughly two years, has fully recovered from the disease. via, Back in 2009, as the…

By Tricycle


Phonebook Buddhas: The Art of Long-Bin Chen

Long-Bin Chen, via the New York Optimist, In my artwork I use printed matter – discarded books, magazines, computer printouts etc. – the cultural debris of our information society.  My art form explores different cultural meanings…

By Tricycle


The Magic Life of Milarepa

A few weeks ago I was looking through the first issue of Tricycle and I came across a mention of The Magic Life of Milarepa, a comic book about the great 11th century Tibetan saint illustrated…

By Monty McKeever


Zen Is Right Here

I recently came across the book Zen Is Right Here on one of our bookshelves.  It is a collection of short stories and anecdotes about Zen master Shunryu Suzuki.  The pieces are rarely longer than a…

By Tricycle

Could Transhumanism Make Buddhism Obsolete?

In our Summer 2010 issue, there is an interview with transhumanist, bioethicist, and former Buddhist monk James Hughes. In Cyborg Buddha, Hughes takes on the relationship between Buddhism and transhumanism.  Like other transhumanists, he makes the…

By Tricycle

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