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bushfires continue

Buddha Buzz

Buddha Buzz Weekly: Australian Bushfires Threaten More Buddhists

Bushfires continue to affect Buddhist monasteries in Australia, Bhutan’s upper parliament begins debate on anti-LGBTQI-discrimation bill, and a Korean politician mistakenly sends beef jerky to vegetarian monks. Tricycle looks back at the events of this week…

By Emily DeMaioNewton and Karen Jensen

Third Karmapa's footprints, buddhism islam

IdeasMagazine | Feature

When the Monks Met the Muslims

In the popular imagination, Buddhism is synonymous with introspective peace, Islam with violent blind faith. But both conceptions are nothing more than Western fantasy. Revisiting the centuries of Buddhist-Muslim cooperative interaction forces us to rethink our…

By Johan Elverskog

Nalanda Benefit

If you’re in the neighborhood Wednesday evening (June 9)—and the interface of Buddhism and psychotherapy is your thing—Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science is hosting a panel discussion, “The Confluence of Two Streams: Buddhist Psychotherapy in the…

By Tricycle

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