Why I Love the Olympics

I have to admit that I have been glued to the TV in recent days watching the Olympics. I never realised before that I could care so much about cycling, gymnastics, or even sailing. The viewing…

By Nagapriya

More on China’s lack of press freedom; Salzberg; Solzhenitsyn

More on China’s anxious mix of almost-freedom (for foreigners) and increased repression (for its own citizens.) A German rights-group criticizes the IOC for its role in the press restrictions. Sharon Salzberg has a new blog post…

By Tricycle

China Reiterates Pledge to Limit Internet Access During Games

China is angry that President Bush met with Chinese dissidents at the White House and accuses the U.S. of politicizing the Olympic Games. China reiterated they would limit internet access during the Games as well: The…

By Tricycle

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