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Why We Should Turn Towards Mystery

In an excerpt from his new online course, “The Power of Not Knowing,” Buddhist teacher Martin Aylward explains the benefits of setting aside what we already know and embracing the freedom of not knowing. 

By Martin Aylward

Teachings Eightfold Path

Reflections on the Eightfold Path

In an excerpt from Tricycle’s newest online course, “Reimagining the Eightfold Path,” Stephen Batchelor describes why the path metaphor is so powerful and how we might approach this foundational Buddhist teaching today. 

By Stephen Batchelor

situational patterning

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Stepping Out of Situational Patterning 

In the online course “Dependent Arising,” four teachers from Bodhi College discuss choice and the wholesome patterns that allow us to respond, not react.

With Christina Feldman, Akincano M. Weber, Stephen Batchelor, and John Peacock

sati minddfulness

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The Many Shades of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a word that has been absorbed into our culture. But it's important to appreciate the depth and nuances of what it can offer.

By Christina Feldman and Jaya Rudgard

seven factors of awakening

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The Seven Factors of Awakening Explained

Teachers Christina Feldman and Jaya Rudgard explain why we follow the path, the “creative tension” involved, and how to start cultivating the seven qualities that lead to awakening 

By Christina Feldman and Jaya Rudgard

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