A morning at Japan Society, with artist Max Gimblett

The Tricycle staff made a field trip to Japan Society today to spend the morning with Max Gimblett, the New York artist behind the current Ten Oxherding Pictures exhibition. Gimblett was serious, charming, and engaging while…

By Tricycle

Transcending the Ox

going beyond Part 8 of Genju’s Oxherding series. Gate gate… Daido Roshi commentary from Path of Enlightenment: The eighth stage is marked by the complete falling away of body and mind. The ox and the person…

By Tricycle

Glimpsing the Wild Cow: Oxherding in the Wild West

Genju of 108zenbooks, in the midst of her own oxherding journey, points us to anotheramazing series of Oxherding pictures by Ruben Habito on the site of Maria Kannon Zen Center in Dallas. Pictured below is “Glimpsing…

By Tricycle

Taming the Ox

taming the Ox Number 5 of Genju’s Oxherding pictures. Daido Roshi comments: We are pretty clear about how our mind works… The whole practice is gradually beginning to come together and is less of a struggle.…

By Tricycle

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