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real happiness at work

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Real Happiness at Work

In this retreat, Sharon Salzberg offers meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace in the work place. Guiding us through practices that have application in both the professional and personal realms, she outlines an attitude to achieve…

By Sharon Salzberg

Choosing a time to meditate

Plan to meditate at about the same time every day. Some people find it best to sit first thing in the morning; others find it easier to practice at lunchtime, or before going to bed at…

By Tricycle

What to do when mindfulness is not easy

The primary approach of mindfulness is to pay attention to what’s happening and to develop a different relationship to our experience so that we’re not rejecting it or hating it, but we’re also not overwhelmed by…

By Tricycle

Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness is back

Back by popular demand, Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness is available to Tricycle Community members for the month of April. So if you missed the Tricycle Book Club discussion in February, or didn’t get to ask Sharon…

By Tricycle

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