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karmapa lawsuit

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Karmapa Case Discontinued 

In the same month, a new initiative started mapping accounts of alleged abuse by the Tibetan Buddhist leader.

By Wendy Biddlecombe Agsar

abuse in buddhism

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Becoming Whole

Healing in the wake of systemic abuse means seeing our teachers—and ourselves—clearly and with compassion.

Interview with Werner Vogd by Susanne Billig


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This Is Abuse

Two former Rigpa students recall the abusive behavior of their teacher and the moment they realized it was not “crazy wisdom.”

By Damcho Dyson and Tahlia Newland

Buddha statue being defaced by Twitter birds

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Unmasking the Guru

Our new digital world has made it impossible to believe in infallible teachers. What comes next is up to us.

Interview with Bernhard Pörksen by Ursula Richard

shambhala samaya


Samaya and the World of Shambhala

Samaya is supposed to be an intimate two-way relationship with a teacher. A former student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche asks: Is that possible with a Buddhist king?

By Dan Montgomery

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