Treasury of Lives

Trike Daily

Treasury of Lives: Nyingma Founders Part 4, The Jangter

Biography and autobiography in Tibet are important sources for both education and inspiration. Tibetans have kept such meticulous records of their teachers that thousands of names are known and discussed in a wide range of biographical material. All these names, all these lives—it can be a little overwhelming. The authors involved in the Treasury of Lives are […]

By Tricycle

Trike Daily

Treasury of Lives: Lotsawa Loden Sherab and Lotsawa Zhonnu Pel

During the Second Propagation of Buddhism in Tibet around the 11th and 12th centuries, new scriptures and new ritual technologies were brought over the high Himalaya by scores of Tibetans, Indian, and Nepali masters to a Tibetan Plateau politically divided into small kingdoms and powerful clans which provided patronage for religious work. The influx of […]

By Alexander Gardner
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