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This Week in Retreat: Questioning Judgmental Buddhism and Feel-Good Buddhism

In the final week of Rita Gross’s Tricycle Retreat, Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners, we have been discussing changes and innovations in Buddhism after the time of the historical Buddha. Rita chose a very interesting method for presenting this topic, in which she broke down later Buddhist developments into three categories: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, […]

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Buddha Buzz: The Monk, The Elephant, and the Monkey

Ever feel like your mind is a lazy elephant that refuses to do want you want? No? Well, I do. And apparently I’m not alone. Himalayan Art Resources recently posted a very interesting news item about a rare type of thangka: Meditation Instructions in the form of a painting. In the painting, the practitioner is […]

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On Disagreements

When Te-shan’s student Hsüeh-feng reproved him for coming to dinner before the bell rang, Te-shan simply turned around and walked back to his room. The meal was late, but Te-shan did not justify his own action or criticize Hsüeh-feng. He did not say, even gently, “You know, we have only so much time for dinner. […]

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